EHS+ESG TECH22 | Compliance, Reporting & Digital Strategy
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EHS+ESG TECH22 | Compliance, Reporting & Digital Strategy

EHS+ESG TECH22 is about Software, Technology, Innovation and Digital Strategy


Technology to Meet Today’s Demands & Tomorrow’s Challenges

NAEM’s EHS+ESG TECH22 offers you insights into:


- ESG data collection and reporting, carbon accounting, and product stewardship


- Solutions to improve EHS risk management and compliance performance


- Ways to optimize current software from experts and corporate users


EHS+ESG TECH22 is for EHS & Sustainability, IT and ESG Leaders

Technology to Meet Today’s Demands & Tomorrow’s Challenges

Experience the only conference devoted exclusively to environmental, health, safety & sustainability, and ESG software and technology. TECH22 focuses on your digital systems for better business performance and risk reduction as well as on strategies for corporate disclosure.


EHS+ESG TECH22 is a Must-Attend Event

With data integration transforming how EHS & Sustainability delivers business value, TECH22 is the learning event that gets you on the cutting-edge of new business challenges and opportunities.


Join us in Fort Worth if you want to:


  • Benchmark how other companies are effectively collecting and managing EHS, Sustainability, and ESG Data
  • Advance your digital strategy to meet the challenges of GHG tracking, product stewardship, compliance, and other key performance indicators
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the ESG/Sustainability/EHS Software marketplace
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your current digital & technology approach
  • Leverage the wisdom of your peers to advance your software selection and/or implementation initiatives



Learn How Peers Leverage Technology

Learn How Peers Leverage Technology

Gain insight into your peers' technology and software strategies for ESG reporting and more.



Meet Leading Technology Providers

Meet the Leading Technology Providers

Discover and evaluate the newest solutions from leading technology and service providers all in one place.



Make Your Plans for Fort Worth, Texas

Make Your Plans To Attend

The TECH22 Conference will be held in Fort Worth, Texas. Register today and book your room early to take advantage of NAEM discounts!


Curated Content by EHS & Sustainability Leaders

Using their deep industry knowledge, a group of corporate EHS & Sustainability leaders work closely with NAEM to create a conference agenda dedicated to today's corporate EHS&S needs.


This investment by industry leaders means that NAEM conferences offer more focused presentations, a deeper level of engagement in the discussion, and tangible insights. With this knowledge and wise counsel, you’ll gain even greater traction from your EHS&S software and data management strategies.



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