2017 EHS and Sustainability Software and Data Management Conference

Allie Janoch, CEO; Mapistry


Allie is the CEO of Mapistry, which she founded in 2013. Mapistry is stormwater expertise for the internet age. Using a combination of education, services and technology, Mapistry customers are finally confident that they are in compliance with industrial stormwater regulations. Stormwater is an often neglected pillar of environmental and water protection, but it is crucially important because stormwater is rarely treated before ending up in our rivers and lakes. At Mapistry, our goal is to make stormwater compliance so easy, companies can't keep putting it on the back burner. Mapistry's stormwater focused software has given Allie a front row seat to the recent trends in EHS software and services and the ways in which Mapistry is bucking the trend. Taking an uncommon approach to solving a common problem has given her insight into the real reasons customers are looking for EHS software and the complicated challenges they are looking to solve.


Before founding Mapistry, Allie previously developed a new consumer product that relied on computer vision and machine learning to organize and search photos. This technology, developed at IQ Engines (acquired by Yahoo), is now making Flickr image search smart. Prior to Yahoo/IQE, Allie worked at MIT's Lincoln Labs on computer vision technology for the Air Force. Allie has BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland and an MS in computer science from University of California, Berkeley.

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