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Charles Malaniak, Senior Environmental Engineer; Wakefern Food Corp.

Charles Malaniak, Senior Environmental Engineer; Wakefern Food Corp.

Charles Malaniak is the Corporate Environmental Manager for Wakefern Food Corp., the largest private grocery-retailer cooperative in the United States. He oversees the environmental program for both distribution and retail facilities which consists of 75,000 employees at 400 facilities.


Charles has been an EHS and remediation professional for 25 years working in regulatory compliance, project and program management, business development, operations, and risk and liability management. His industry experience includes the environmental, engineering, manufacturing, construction, renewable energy, retail and wholesale, telecommunications, utility, and safety.


Charles has a passion for promoting innovation, process improvement and efficiency by developing relationships and using digital platforms. He builds strong working relationships through continuous collaboration with internal and external stakeholders by listening to their needs and requests, analyzing metrics, and developing strategic plans that leads to measurable solutions.


Charles has a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Chemistry from Rutgers University and a Master's degree in Geology from Montclair State University.


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